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Welcome to my life!  I’m Jessica, a 22 year-old recent college grad from the dairy land, trying to find a place in this world.  I’ve always had a love for creativity, so I recently decided to use blogging as a creative outlet (and a great stress reliever). If you’re curious to know a little bit about me:

I grew up in central Wisconsin and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The hospitality and friendliness of the mid-west is truly an amazing environment to be raised in, and yes, the frozen custard and cheese curds run through our veins almost as prominently as Green Bay Packers green and gold. Aside from growing up in the best state in the nation, I’m lucky to also attend college in the same beautiful place. For my freshman year, I attended a four-year state university, but decided to transfer to a smaller two-year college for my sophomore year due to a difficult time with anxiety (and to save up a little, decide a major, and finish the basic classes).

After earning my Associate’s degree as a sophomore, I moved onto another state university in Wisconsin to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in communication, public relations, and business administration. Although this whole triple transfer experience wasn’t ideal, I couldn’t be happier with my decisions, because I have been offered so many incredible opportunities along the way, which I’m sure I will share with you here.

Speaking of college, those student loans won’t be disappearing anytime soon, so I currently hold a part-time job during a full-time big girl job hunt (there’s my plug, visit my LinkedIn profile and hire me, please).

Aside from professional life, I enjoy participating in the Miss America Organization, which has become a very significant part of my life. Check out the “Miss America Organization” tab to read more about my involvement, because I can guarantee that there’s more to it than just a sparkly crown.

If I have an ounce of free time left in my days, I spend it writing, painting, snacking, practicing dance, watering my cactus, sharing time with my family and friends, and scrolling through social media (I’m only a little addicted, I’ll admit).

In a nutshell, I will be blogging about life as a young adult, things I’m learning about myself and the world, my personal life experiences, my involvement in the Miss America Organization, and anything else I deem necessary to share with the world. I genuinely appreciate your curiosity and thank you for joining my life.

Stay cool,



For business inquiries and advertising information, email jessicasusan96@gmail.com with the subject line “The Blog Sent Me”

Social media:

Follow me on my daily journey through life and filters via Instagram @jessicasusan96

Tweet me to share the love in 140 characters via Twitter @jessicasusan28

** As of now, the social media pages listed are my personal accounts. I will accept followers on Instagram and Twitter, but my Facebook is private for friends and family only, so I will not be adding those I don’t know personally. If there are enough requests to create social media accounts for blogging updates, inspiration, etc, I will add them to this page. Stay tuned! **


11 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi Jessica. I just read your blog about the 14 year old. I’m a freshmen in college so 18 years old and I relate to all of those things so well. I really enjoyed reading that. Keep doing what you’re doing!


  2. Omg you just made my life!!!! You are really amazing! You probably saved someone’s life and didn’t even know it…. omg never stop this


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