20 Thoughts Every College Student Has

1.  Why am I even here?1.

2.  No, I’m not crying.  It’s just allergies.  I’m allergic to Chemistry.2.

3.  If the kid in the front row reminds the professor about that assignment I forgot to do.. I swear..3.

4.  When is winter break?4.

5.  My homework isn’t done, but I definitely am.5.

6.  I’m so jealous of my dog right now.6.

7.  If I wake up early tomorrow, I can probably finish this.b1c017b071625a0e206114b5362d40fb6a851ed450bad90bde99aba3cadd2fcf8.  How do I know if I’ll actually use this textbook that cost me all of my summer paychecks?8.

9.  I remember when I couldn’t wait to grow up. Aww, so young and naïve.9.

10.  Seriously though, my dog stays at home and sleeps all day and nobody judges him for it.10.

11.  I’m broke, single, and on the verge of a mental breakdown but at least I still have my personality.11.

12.  Group projects make me hate everyone.12.

13.  *Walking to class* I should just turn back now.13.

14.  All the hot people probably hang out at the rec center.  I don’t go to the rec center.14.

15.  Waking up for an 8:00am class is the worst thing that can happen to a person.15.

16.  Honestly, my dog is probably sleeping right now. Asshole.16

17.  How many more freebie absences do I have?17.

18.  I can barely survive a 50 minute class; how the hell did I make it through 7 hours of high school?!18

19.  I wanna go home.19

20.  Where is my mom when I need her?202


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