The Stripper Debate

As college students, many of us understand the struggle of managing a full time credit load, a job (or five), a social life, and maybe finding time to catch the latest episode of The Bachelor.  The stress of being a college student weighs heavily on millions of twenty-somethings and if you say you aren’t stressed, stop lying to yourself.

With the stress comes the venting sessions, which may include one or all of the following:

  • food binges ranging between 2,000 and 10,000 calories. No shame whatsoever.
  • crying spells
  • sudden urges to consume various alcoholic beverages
  • procrastination among social media and/or other pointless activities that sound a lot better than writing a thesis on the critical analysis of cell division
  • hibernation
  • consideration of other occupations that would be significantly easier than completing 5 more semesters of classes you probably can’t afford..

..Which brings me to my next point.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent my valuable study time researching careers that I could pursue instead of being an emotionally, financially, and mentally unstable college student.  I continuously ask myself if it’s really going to be worth it to spend thousands of dollars on a piece of paper that may or may not land me a job that can pay off my student loans and set me up for a happy and fulfilling lifestyle.  So, through my research, I have concluded that being a stripper would be a financially healthier alternative to being a college student.  OKAY MOM I KNOW WHAT YOU’RE THINKING…

“Your body is a temple!”

“Didn’t I raise you to have any morals?!”

“You will make so much more money when you get a degree!”

With those reactions expressed, I will now present the reasoning for my thoughts:

Yes, my body is my temple and I agree that I should treat it as such.  I understand that taking care of my body and remembering the morals I was raised upon will allow me to build a good reputation for myself, which would completely go against everything that the career of “exotic dancing” entails.  However, in college, the lack of sleep, consumption of truckloads of trans fats, mental fatigue, and the occasional evening out partying doesn’t seem very “temple-like” to me either.  Therefore, neither stripping nor being a college student keeps the body in its sacred temple.  Besides, morals won’t pay tuition, will they?

Now onto the argument of “making more money with a degree.”  It was difficult to find average salaries of strippers because the job tends to depend on location, but I did find this interesting article on The Huffington Post about how dancers in the New York night club, Scores, can earn up to $180,000 per year.  HOLD UP..WHAT?!  Strippers can make more than corporate moguls and a college degree isn’t even required? So.. zero student loan debt and the opportunity to retire before the age of 30? Sign me up.

College causes a lot of stress that makes us do some pretty bad things to ourselves, mentally, emotionally, physically and financially.  Sometimes it’s easy to get lost in our train of thought (and in the pile of homework I should probably be doing right now) and consider what we can do to start living life and making money without going through all of the struggles of college.  Granted, a college degree looks better on a resume, but if you haven’t considered being a stripper, stop lying to yourself.


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